Formally, we are a part of INC – a Christian denomination that began right here in Australia in 1974 and has since grown to thousands of churches all over the world. Informally, we are a local church committed to representing Jesus to Western Australia in whatever way we can, to the best of our ability. Metrochurch began in 1988 when Geoff and Rhonda Woodward came to Perth from Brisbane with the God-given direction to raise up a church to impact WA. They’d never been to Perth before and knew virtually no one here, but God has blessed His vision amazingly. We have the same heart now as we did at the beginning – to love people, follow God and serve Him with all our heart!

What we believe

This is our heartbeat.

We believe:

That every person deserves the right to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ and to experience His transforming power, regardless of their past or their present.

That God is good and wants to bless and empower.

That serving Him is a privilege.

That His purpose takes priority over our preferences.

That excellence is normal for the people of God.

That going the extra mile is just what followers of Jesus do.

That there’s no solitary Christian life – together is His plan.

That we all have a part to play – God is looking for participators, not spectators.

That all things are possible.

Simple Really.



What to expect

A relaxed welcome, worship from the heart, practical and inspiring preaching, opportunity to connect in the café or at the express coffee stations after the service and a great Metrokids program for the children.

Church is designed – by God – to be a place where we grow, so the teaching/preaching is Biblical, applicable and framed so everyone, regardless of background or circumstance can take it on board.

Church is also a place where we connect – hence the café areas and small groups during the week.

Church is also mainly about meeting with God – whether during worship or times of prayer for your needs. We pray you’ll experience God at a metrochurch service!

There’s also lots more during the week – youth, young adults, bible teaching groups, Connect Groups and more besides!