Jesus is without doubt the most talked about figure of human history! He’s the one everyone has heard of and, for the vast majority of people, they like him!

Our goal at Metro is simply to help people connect with him in a genuine way.

One of the first things we hear him say is “Follow Me!”

Jesus didn’t ask people to agree with a set of ideas, or adhere to some teachings, but to follow him. That’s the difference between a religion – following a set of rules or principles – and a relationship with someone.

The apostle John wrote this after being with Jesus for a long time – “Whoever has the Son has life!” What a great description of what it’s like to follow Jesus! And it’s not just for a certain type of person, anyone can become a follower of Jesus – that’s what he said himself – “Whoever wants to can come to me!”

We encourage you to get to know Him.