Generosity is simply a way of life for a follower of Jesus Christ! Rather than teaching giving as an obligation, at metro we teach, preach and practice a life of generous giving, firstly to God through our giving to His House and then as we can to special needs and opportunities. We believe in tithing, not as obligation, but as the beginning of building a generous life. Every year we have an opportunity to invest in the vision through Destiny Offering, making a commitment over the twelve-month period over and above our normal giving. Destiny Offering giving goes into special projects and specific areas of ministry. Of course, there is no pressure on any individual to give any amount in any way and people are free to come at any time without having to give. At metro, we don’t just focus on giving, but on receiving as well – after all, the Bible says that “as we sow, we also shall reap”!

Give via Credit Card

If you choose to give via credit card, you will receive a confirmation email from our accounts staff once transfer occurs.

In the “fund” section of the form below, please specify whether your giving is for tithes, destiny offering, love offering or other.

Under the heading of “your church” please specify the metrochurch location where you most regularly attend.

Please also note that Mastercard and Visa are our only accepted cards.




Give via Paypal

When giving through Paypal, please note that your gift will display as being paid to Christian Outreach Centre Perth instead of Metrochurch as this our officially registered business name.