We believe that life is richer when we live it together. At metrochurch we place a big emphasis on connection because we understand that our spirituality doesn’t exist in a vacuum, but rather our love for God is worked out and displayed in our relationships with other people.

So we make every effort to connect in ways that foster meaningful and long lasting relationships. There are bible studies that meet in people’s homes, a cafe in all of our campuses, events that exist just for fun and a myriad of other things going on all the time. These things happen as opportunities for connection – they are places and times where we can be uplifted and encouraged by each other.

Small Groups

We value connection and we would love you to find it here at Metrochurch. Our small groups are a great way to meet with others during the week and build genuine, lasting relationships.

They meet weekly, fortnightly or monthly in a range of environments including homes, cafés and some have roaming locations.

It’s all about bringing people together!


Great churches don’t just happen. They are built – and they are built by the many not just the few. At metrochurch we love to be a part of what God is doing. The person who makes your coffee, or teaches your children, or greets you at the door…these are people giving of their time and talent to make church great for others.

If you would like to be involved in volunteering at metrochurch, we’d love to help you find a way to do so. Give us a call on 94275000 or chat to someone at the info counter on a Sunday.

Young Adults

GatherYA is a group of like minded people connecting with each other and serving in the house of God – a place where we can belong to something that is bigger than just ourselves.

We desire to make a difference – to reach the world we live and work in. We are a group of young people passionate about the church and enjoying life.

For more information please email:


Metroyouth is the community of high schoolers here at metrochurch. We meet on Friday nights and each gathering is designed so young people can get to know each other and Jesus. We aim for each young person to leave feeling uplifted and valued. Our program usually starts off with chill time to give young people a chance to connect and unwind after a big week at school – a bit of a chat and some live acoustic music is the norm. The main event includes our own metroyouth worship band, and an encouraging & inspiring message by one of our leaders. The third section is “small groups”, and these are designed to go a little bit deeper into the current topic, encouraging each young person in their following of Christ. These are broken up into year and gender groups and facilitated by our team of youth leaders.

If you have any questions or would like to get in contact with metroyouth please contact: 9427 5000

Or email our youth leader John Cowderoy:


Metrokids exists to bring the Bible to life for your child and to help them grow to love God and others. Each Sunday there’s a fun program designed so that kids can get to know Jesus and be excited about his involvement in their lives.

The age appropriate groups (ranging from ages 1 to 12) are run by committed team members who love serving God by equipping, teaching and and caring for you and your children.

As well as the fun and the learning, we take the safety of your child seriously. Each time they attend they are registered and given a name sticker for security purposes. We will contact you during the service should the need arise. Only a parent or guardian can collect them after the service. All of our team members have a valid Working With Children Check.

Children under the age of one can be accompanied by their parents in the parents’ room where the service is relayed. Children of high school age are welcome to attend one of our youth programs.
If you have any questions please speak to one of the metrokids team on a Sunday or contact Yvonne Mulder, our metrokids coordinator via email: